Living serie in Brussels

2005, Brussels.

Day without car, I take my digital camera and go hunting.

A peaceful feeling overwhelms the city and the people. A  kind of slowly Life enrolls it in the urban landscape.

I film long sequences of crowd, camera on a tripod.

Video work about Human being, how getting onto it ?

It's the sum of all those people cycling, walking which moves me deeply. They are not like usually, they besiege the city in a kind of tacit connivance, with tenderness... Ritual, event, initiation, sacredness ? Beginning of summer, people, games, power, circus.

So dealing with human in my work could be like painting this crowd, anonymous, quiet, crossing without watching out my shooting.

Going two Presentimes is a videogram about time passing by. Silhouettes inhabit this story which sets  in front of our eyes, not telling the beginning, nor the way, neither the end.

Who are those people ?

Silhouettes parade and come together, strands seem to slip away as if they want to catch the before, the past.

Souls stretch them out until they touch them.

What is Time?!

Slowly the movie sets without any particular event disrupting action of those characters, half human beings, half shadows.

What is Life ?!

Presenting human is a common motif of entire art history, so how telling something new ?

The video, art in movement, lets me imagine a time picturing, exactly like in every kind of painting finally, but with a running time which troubles the representation mode.

Inventing  a word again: Presentime, linking notions of Present and Time, as if it was possible. Going two Presentime, time is duplicate: time and its representation. The one which comes, the one which is passed. Memories and Future. What absolute time is it ?!