Pompei Video :

ImMEDIAtus cycle

I laid my material in Pompei, Erculano and around in February 2007 in the context of an artistical residency at the Institut Français de Naples.

First of all, emotion provoked by the exploration of those antique towns transfixes me, like the numerous visitors of those un-sacred places but though sanctuaries.

What thinking when we are confronted to such an expression of life and death so violently spliced ?

A really particular aesthetic overwhelms us, telling both the day-to-day, a story, an open way between eternity and instant, Life, Death, Vanity.

Getting an artistical look on those sites, established precisely on the art in movement uniqueness, was my initial wager. Though I would be guide in another way than my first research angle intention.

Of course, vanity is omnipresent, it's the heart of this artistical work, following my explorations. Pompei is now for me a supernatural, demiurgical and total vanity.

Thinking and fitting me to the infinite possibilities I imagine as I progress in this research, make me appreciate the " decors" realized by artists, craftmen, to embellish the environment of inhabitants around 0060 PC.

Coldly, disregarding the context where I am, I examine way, subjects, dexterity.

I accumulate a lot with my movie camera and my camera, as if my memory should be substitute by this equipment, to let me stray, knowing that I would find my pictures later, desired and fecund traces of those moments.Time is elastic.

Two weeks of exploration with Claude Mollard, Pascale Lismonde and Florence Bonnet, looking for what ?

Hours of walking and gaping reverie, of scrutinising, where is life, where is death, which place is it, which time is it ? Craft and Mausoleum.Vertigo high, vertigo down, vertigo forward, behind and at present.

Tens or so kilometers of mag tape, hundreds gigas of pictures collected, digitized, filed, named, commented, are prepared to be assembled.

Ruins, frescos, mosaics, villas, houses of god, graves, streets, shops, where are they ? I know that they disappeared 2000 years ago, despite the testimony of Pline read by Pascale, I can imagine it so much they seem present. Oppressive.

Even if my work and me are still shattered by this residency, mosaic is the first element  which lets me take on a progression to my digital work.

Mosaic gives to me a link between historical roots and contemporary artistical expression. It's was a clarification.

As for the abacus and the modern calculator, I take with enthousiasm the same bridge between mosaic art and my digital one.

I confuse the pixel and the many little quarry tiles which constitute those pictures dedicated to the inhabitants of Pompei wellness.

Thanks to this proceed, I can catch the modernity of this creative genius.

At that time, I'm in phase with my researches and able to get it into detail around those « grievous » vanities.

Uninhibited about this site registered in the Patrimoine Mondial, I can finally address the heart of my researches and let me drive by my desir of creation, like a tribute to the terrific grandness of Nature's gift.

This new cycle of videograms is untittled ImMEDIAtus.

I would like to transcribe under the same word notions of eternity, instant and media too (as a support of speeches and a Thought).

Travel, Time, Space, Imagination, Memory.

All these videograms with multiple tittles are for me a global expression of Vanity.

Few tittles of videograms from ImMEDIAtus cycle:

Vanity, The room of Vanities, Joconda, Chrysalide...

The specific angle of my researches makes me create videos in which I try to translate the anachronism between my contemporary regard and a work from the beginning of our Era.

The screenshots or digital paints are the final result of this metamorphosis operated by the mecanical action of a so-called virtual art.