INSTALLATION#VIDEO                                         #ORCUS 2011


The subway station Saint-Guidon. Circular architecture, glass, steel and concrete,completed in 1982. This building is like the upper face of an iceberg, below and in depth, another station even greater still unfinished... When looking at this set, I am torn between a sense of lightness or heaviness, mobility or immobility. The circularity of this architecture reminds me of a UFO, but it is adorned with large panes of glass, revealing the core of the ship, contrary to the image that one is usually having of flying saucers in science fiction...

The role of the glass is to confound the inside / outside, and people rushes as soon as one leaves the "mouth" of the subway which became ogre. This building is not planned to remain there. This still vessel acts as a gateway to space-time destinations unknown to me / the observer. Yet its dimensions are those of a temple, a sort of modern cathedral and the movement of traffic with a majestic "M"  hung as a signal, celestial? M as Movement, Mouth, Murmur... We are at the gates of a subterranean realm, and the paradigm is great...

The look that I propose to take place on this building is oriented toward the unceasing transit of its many travelers, visitors / ephemeral occupants of a vessel apparently inert, digestive sleep.


extract (1’30“)       

Installation video DV Pro    

duration 50’33“00  (loop)           


Installation video

Exhibition  YOU ARE HERE / Vrac L’Escaut  April 2011 Bruxelles

with Dan Graham, Stephen Shore, Fred Fourdinier...         more info